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Plan Basic Premium
  Historic Analysis Basic + Premium
  Targets Filing Cabinet
  Financial Report Benchmark Basic
  Management Assessment Annual Financial Projections and Cashflow
  Historic Analysis
Calculates and visually displays graphical trendlines of financial ratios in the areas of liquidity, solvency, profitability, and financial efficiency.
Filing Cabinet
Digital cloud storage for your management files - all in one place for easy access.
Establishes the farm's baseline financial performance by averaging past performance and to a farm's current financial position to determine where the farm is tracking financially.
Benchmark Basic
Compares the financial performance of a farm to the Backswath network, and against sector-specific industry standards. Helps to identify relative strengths and weaknesses for use in management planning.
Tests and compares the impact of management decisions on financial performance.
Annual Financial Projections and Cashflow
Build your own custom financial projections (income statement, balance sheet or net worth, and monthly cashflow) for the upcoming year. Farms can use these statements for internal decision making, and for external reporting to owners, investors, and creditors.
Establishes individual performance thresholds for each ratio or financial indicator. Setting financial targets helps to create context that is relative to the impact management decisions will have on desired financial outcomes.
  Management Assessment
Analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the farm's management team in the areas of marketing, finance, operations and human resources. This helps to identify areas where improvements can be made.
  Financial Report
Presents financial performance and accompanying commentary in a structured format for presentation to stakeholders such as owners, investors, lenders, advisory boards, etc.